Lack of effective and fair justice service delivery, coupled with the low trust in governance institutions, reinforces a culture of civic passivity while a weak social cohesion is feeding deep societal divides and inequities along urban/rural, income level, ethnic and linguistic lines. This is particularly relevant at the subnational level, where the levels of civic engagement and legal empowerment are low, the civil society organizations are weak or not capacitated to ensure a proper monitoring and oversight of justice delivery in their community and are not able to engage with the justice chain actors in a constructive manner.

Since March, 2020, INVENTO is a partner for the implementation of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP Moldova) in Strengthening Efficiency and Access to Justice in Moldova (hereinafter – the Project), funded by Sweden.

In this context, the organization will contribute to the achievement of Objective 2 of the Project, ensuring the strengthening of the capacities of professionals to do justice, to achieve the coordination of the act of justice and access to justice for vulnerable groups at the subnational level.

In particular, INVENTO aims to implement a program to strengthen the capacity of justice professionals to effectively coordinate and deliver justice in 4 regions of the country. Thus, a company will be contracted for an institutional need assessment of professional and soft skills (social skills - so-called "soft skills") of the justice professionals, based on which the contractor will develop a regional capacity building program for 6 months.


The overall objective of the assignment is to strengthen skills of the justice professionals from 4 regions and to enable them to coordinate better at the subnational level, while delivering effectively on their duties. This program will help the justice professionals to improve the way they interact, improve their problem solving and personal management skills which will lead to a better efficiency throughout the institutions.


  • Conduct an analysis of the work-related soft skills that are needed to be improved for an effective justice coordination;  
  • Develop a training program that would correlate with the identified needs for training;
  • Deliver training for the justice professionals from the four project regions (80) for improving their soft and professional skills;
  • Prepare and facilitate team building activities for each of the four project regions;

To achieve the stated objectives, the Service Provider will:

  1. Develop an Inception report containing the work plan, detailed methodology and tools for the assignment;
  2. Run a institutional needs assessment exercise of personal and professional skills required for capacity building of justice professionals;
  3. Present the assessment report with the findings and intervention proposals to the project team.
  4. Develop and coordinate with the Project Team the concept and training materials for the capacity building program;
  5. Develop and coordinate with the Project Team and the institutional coordinators the detailed work plan of trainings;
  6. Deliver 32 training courses for justice professionals from four regions in order to improve their soft and professional skills;
  7. Prepare and submit post training reports to reflect the outcome of each of the training sessions and recommendations, where necessary, for subsequent interventions;
  8. Work closely with the project team to facilitate team building activities for the four regional teams of professionals.

Note: Training schedule will be coordinated with the designated regional representatives from all four regions.


The expected period of implementation of the assignment is during June 2020 – March 2021. The training location will be in Moldova. The trainings to be in the four regions shall be located in Criuleni, Soroca, Comrat, ATU Gagauzia, Cimișlia.


Interested parties must submit a dossier containing:

  • Updated CV of the company;
  • Technical offer (vision of task execution and activity methodology);
  • Financial offer, which will include only the final cost for the service (in $).
  • CVs of the Task Manager, Senior Experts

Language of proposals: English/Romanian

For additional information about what the dossier must contain, click here.

The dossier will be sent, by e-mail, to, with the subject of the e-mail “Company to run a capacity building program”, until June 8, 2020.

For more information, the contact person is Ana Indoitu, Project Coordinator, who can be contacted at the email address: